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Oracle APEX Security Consultancy

At Recx we're leaders and technical innovators in Oracle APEX security. We have decades of experience securing web applications, working with developers to understand the impacts and risks associated with vulnerable code. Let us work with your developers to enhance the security of your APEX applications.

Expert Driven Consulting Engagements

"Recx is in another league when it comes to APEX security, what I learned blew my mind, ecstatic to be partnering with them!" - APEX Freelancer

Security is an essential component of every application. Keeping up with threats as they evolve is a complex task and requires constant vigilance to keep your application one step ahead. Let Recx's experts help you identify the risks within your applications. We'll examine your entire application looking for all classes of vulnerability before translating them into developer accessible reports to allow rapid mitigation.

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Our APEX Security Experts Educating Your Developers

  • Leverage the experience that helped Oracle secure the APEX environment.
  • Have our experts working alongside your developers.
  • Identify the latest application threats and learn proven mitigations.
  • Formal reporting, with expert analysis along with executive and technical summaries.
  • Option to have the findings verified and have custom example exploitation scripts developed.
  • Educate your team in best practice development techniques and the latest developments in application security.


Every APEX application has different security requirements. We work with you to determine how your applications are used and how they're structured in a security context. This allows us to build custom assessments around your specific requirements and risks, rather than delivering a generic vulnerability report.

Each assessment performed by Recx is priced per effort-day, with a typical minimum assessment cost of two days (consisting of assessment, analysis and reporting). To work out the price, we take into account a number of factors, such as:

  • The complexity and purpose of the application.
  • Application size (number of pages).
  • What APEX plugins are being used.
  • What user roles the application supports.
  • Any previous concerns such as known exposures or weaknesses.

These are combined with your requirements for reporting, analysis, education and training. Some are happy with a technical report, others want proven exploitation examples and step-by-step explanations. We'll customise it to meet your needs and provide examples to help you make the best decision.