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Google Chrome Plugins

Google's Chrome web browser is a flexible environment within which to develop plugins to assist the assessment and analysis of web applications. Recx make extensive use of the browser and occasionally collate commonly performed tasks into accessible plugins. These are available from public consumption on the Google Chrome Store.

HTTP Header and Cookie Security Analyser

"A one-stop shop for a variety of web-development security checks." - Royce Williams

Current version:
Last Updated: March 18th, 2014

A free Google Chrome web browser extension to inspect the security aspects of a site including:

  • The presence of security relevant HTTP headers.
  • Cookie security attributes.
  • Page meta header security options.
  • HTML form auto-complete security settings.

This extension is designed for web developers and quality assurance testers who are not essentially security experts. Documentation is built into the plugin and all explanations are easy to understand with links to further information for the issues identified. Although Recx envision the plugin being used within the development and testing stage, it can also be leveraged by security testers to quickly identify flaws in common site aspects and the utilisation of additional controls.

HTTP Header and Cookie Security Analyser Screenshot


  • Accessible via pop-up for current site or via right-click context menu for current site, links and iframes.
  • Easy to understand explanations for each issue.
  • Recommendations around configurations to mitigate each issue.
  • Power-user options to see further information on headers and cookies.


Our HTTP Header and Cookie Security Analyser is hosted on the Google Chrome Web Store.