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About Recx

Over several years the concept of a small, agile, British security company had been conceived between the founders but it wasn't until late 2009 that Recx was finally born. Created to provide our combined experience of over fifty-eight years in the fields of system and network defence, attack, exploitation and application security research to both public and private organisations.

Our blend of skills comes from real world experience of compromising and defending the technologies and networks developed and utilised by central Government, the military, law enforcement, financial services, telecommunications and software companies. Recx is perfectly placed to provide valuable capability, insight, intelligence and creativity to the challenges faced by twenty-first century computing security.

Applied Research

In addition to the experience gained from attacking and defending technologies, Recx also has a strong pedigree in applied security research. This pedigree comes from individuals who have worked for organisations such as DERA, QinetiQ, DSTL, @stake, Symantec and Logica, performing research into both offensive and defensive technologies and techniques.


Working for their respective commercial or Government organisations and consulting into hundreds of others, the members of Recx have created and researched an extensive range of tools and techniques that assist in the defence and exploitation of computer systems and networks. Some of these are held privately and used to help our customers get the best out of their environments, others are offered as both free and commercial products.


James James

James is one of founders of Recx and has been working in the field of computer security since being recruited in 2000, by DERA, an agency of the Ministry of Defence. For more than 18 years, James has combined cutting edge defensive and offensive security research with delivery of security consulting for leading private and public sector clients.

Nathan Nathan

Nathan has worked exclusively within the computer security arena for 22 years in various technical roles within both Government and UK commercial organisations. Prior to this Nathan was a developer involved with the production of commercial grade applications. He has performed incident response, computer forensics and countless penetration tests for a wide range of top UK and US businesses.

Tim Tim

After graduating from Edinburgh University in 2000, Tim conducted advanced research in tandem with DERA's penetration testing team. By monitoring the developments of the growing computer security community, while validating and advancing research he enhanced the wider team capability through education and development of attack tools and techniques. During this time, his focus was primarily on exploitation techniques and web application security; which at the time was in its relative infancy. Subsequently Tim has worked in research and consulting roles for QinetiQ, DSTL, Logica and SureCloud.

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