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Over several years Recx have developed our ApexSec engine for Oracle Application Express (APEX). Our software secures your applications by scanning the source code looking for vulnerabilities. Our engine has been integrated into both our Desktop and Portal products and is ideally used during the development cycle or alternatively during QA testing.

ApexSec can help you quickly identify weaknesses in your applications without the specific knowledge of a security expert. We're proud to say that ApexSec is today used by Oracle as well as both commercial and Government customers as part of their application security process.

Consulting & Research

We specialise in bespoke security consulting and research, working within both the public and private sectors to provide excellent but pragmatic advice and guidance to help mitigate modern cyber threats.

We offer a range of services which we customise to meet our customers requirements; preferring to work in partnership towards a common security goal. Our aim is to educate developers, system administrators and owners looking to create a positive ongoing security position, rather than provide single point-in-time engagements.

"Thanks so much for the tool as well as the valuable info in the presentation, I'll happily be sharing both with my dev team." - Audience, Source Boston

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